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How One Non-Profit Fundraiser Turned Into a Virtual Success

Woman at desk attends virtual non-profit fundraiser.Non-profit fundraising has been challenging over the last year, to say the least. With many organizations relying on events to raise awareness about their initiatives and generate much-needed funds, non-profits really took a hit when in-person events were cancelled. Like other business sectors, they had to learn to adapt in order to survive.  

One organization we had the pleasure of working through this evolution with was Seven Oaks General Hospital Foundation (SOGH). SOGH was determined the COVID environment was not going to keep them from making an impact and advocating their cause. 

This AVentPro client held a fundraising event in the form of a Virtual World Whisky Tour in March that was a sold out success. They proved that with some out-of-the-box thinking, online events can be fun, popular, and profitable. Let’s look at how they did it.

Technology Opens Unique Opportunities for Engagement

The biggest challenge of a virtual event is creating a memorable experience, one that mimics in-person interaction. SOGH’s virtual event leveraged technology that made participants feel as though they were involved and connected during the party. For example, The World Whiskey Tour brought together experts from around the world to create a curated whisky tasting experience. Two key platforms that allowed this were:

  • Using Remo video conferencing software. This event platform allowed guests to directly chat with fellow attendees at their virtual tables.
  • Adding the GalaBid gadget gave attendees the opportunity to engage and participate in silent and fund-a-need auctions.

The live auction sales and interaction with whisky sommeliers from around the world were both highly successful additions. Plus, they added elements that wouldn’t be possible if you were limited to only interacting with a group of individuals in one physical room together. 

Virtual technology opens the door to unique opportunities. It was the perfect convergence of a great team, an effective process, and powerful technology.

Turning Vision Into Reality

While technology is a key piece of creating a virtual event, the AVentPro team’s goal is to turn our client’s vision into reality. SOGH’s vision was to engage audiences. So we focused on optimizing outcomes and experiences. 

Our goal was to bring people together in an experience that was as close as possible to sharing a table with other guests at a live event. In this case, we realized that goal. SOGH had over 325 attendees and exceeded their fundraising goals. Between the whisky tasting, live auction, and socializing, the event included two hours of meaningful engagement. 

This event is just one example of how AVentPro is helping clients make meaningful connections through virtual events. We’re also helping to host:

  • Annual Meetings
  • Union Meetings (with voting)
  • Seminars
  • Conferences and Conventions
  • Investor Relation Days
  • Vodcasts
  • Commercials and Game Shows
  • Fundraisers and Galas

Let Us Help Plan Your Next Non-Profit Virtual Fundraiser

Need help getting the creative juices flowing? The AVentPro team has extensive experience in creating engaging events. Let us help you plan an event that creates memories, develops long-term mindshare, raises awareness for your non-profit, and generates funds. 

Contact us today for more information and assistance for your future fundraising events. Your success is our success!

With more than 18 years experience producing events, AVentPro ensures that each of our clients has what they need to achieve their ideal outcome.

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