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AVentPro February Newsletter: Values, innovation, and the importance of taking risks

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Event Technicians at an AVentPro Event

Our Core Values

As the new year begins, so does the perfect opportunity to think about – and start planning for – the future. In this blog, we share how you can set yourself (and your organization) up for success in 2024 by beginning to plan your events right away.

A Panel Discussion with Fancy Tables

Integrated Systems Europe Expo

After last year’s ISE Expo, our team couldn’t wait to start using the DS24T Digital Panel Discussion Table – and in the months leading up to this year’s event, we were excited to see what new event technology and innovations we’d discover! Stay tuned to find out more.

Employee Spotlight: Leo Gorosito

When Leo moved to Canada from Argentina in 2022, he decided to apply his knowledge as a professor of visual arts to the live events industry, using his talents to make other peoples’ event dreams come true. His focus on professionalism, always being polite, and striving to learn and improve his craft every day has helped him achieve his biggest goal: making the people he works with as happy as possible.

Spotlight Series

Spotlight: Shaelynn Stimpson

In this month’s spotlight, Event Planner Shaelynn Stimpson shares her advice on getting into the event planning world, her insights on the importance of building strong relationships, and the importance of innovating, experimenting, and taking risks when it comes to the attendee experience. Watch her sit-down interview with AVentPro Director of Production Jonathan Roffel to learn more!

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