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Want to See More Than Just Pictures?

How would you like to go to an event for free and get the VIP treatment including a backstage pass and maybe even a little swaggy-swag? We thought you might. Just fill out your “pass” and we’ll get started pulling some strings.

    backstage pass

    upc stage pass
    We are driven by passion and dedication.
    We partner with our clients during the entire event life-cycle to create, plan, and execute their optimal event experience – simplifying our client’s lives and achieving their event goals.
    With more than 18 years experience producing events, AVentPro ensures that each of our clients has what they need to achieve their ideal outcome.

    Let's Make It Happen

    Just fill out your "nametag" and we'll get the ball rolling. We look forward to learning about your event and exploring how we can work together.

    Call: 204.226.5565

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