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The Rainbow Resource Centre Gala

A performer at the Rainbow Resource Centre's recent 50th anniversary Gala

Last November, The Rainbow Resource Centre celebrated a landmark milestone at their 50th Anniversary event – the Rainbow Resource Centre Gala – Studio 73. Our team was thrilled to work alongside the centre’s event planner, board members and other stakeholders to elevate the attendee experience and make the occasion a world-class event, celebrating the great work of this organization.

A speaker at a the Rainbow Resource Centre 50th Anniversary Gala

Previous events.

The AVentPro team has previously partnered with the Rainbow Resource Centre on their June 2023 Saturday Night Pride event. The event, which took place at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, featured an LED Tunnel, allowing attendees to enter the space in style, as well as a touch-capable LED dance floor, whose visuals changed in response to the dancers’ movements.

Taking the Rainbow Resource Centre Gala to the next level.

A 50th anniversary is no small milestone, so we knew how important it was to make sure the event matched the occasion! 

Our team created a stage design that featured three LED displays, that all used ground support. Additional visuals were displayed using 4k projectors on two 12 by 21 foot screens. In fact, the entire event utilized cutting-edge equipment and a fully 4k workflow, allowing for bold, crisp visuals. 

Additionally, the team was determined to maximize sound quality in a room that often poses audio challenges, making speakers difficult to hear. We utilized JBL’s new SRX line array system to give us a low profile speaker hang with full venue coverage. This eliminated the need for speakers on stands to be placed around the room and created a cleaner visual look.

For added ambiance and atmosphere, we used pink uplighting throughout the entire room, and audience members were treated to video messages from several notable members from the LGBTQ+ community.

Attendees watching a presenter onstage during the Rainbow Resource Centre Gala

The creative design process.

When the Rainbow Resource Centre first approached AVentPro about the gala, they had a very standard event set up in mind, but were determined to make the evening one to remember. In collaboration with their team, we completely redesigned the look of the event, taking the vision for the evening from that of a standard gala to a world-class event.

Audience members giving a standing ovation during the Rainbow Resource Centre Gala

Our team loved having the opportunity to creatively design such an impactful event for an organization making an incredible impact on our community. If you’re beginning to plan a gala, fundraiser or celebratory event, we’d love to partner with you to take the experience to the next level. Email us today at [email protected] or call us at (204) 226-5565.

With more than 18 years experience producing events, AVentPro ensures that each of our clients has what they need to achieve their ideal outcome.

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