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AVentPro April Newsletter: Solutions, celebrations, and preparations

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Two AVentPro technicians at a recent event

Solutions Spotlight

From reliable, technological innovations to finding new and creative ways to engage an audience, the live events industry is constantly changing and evolving. But creating attention-grabbing, exciting events is about more than gear and equipment. It requires a team aligned behind the same standards and best practices to ensure each event is successful. In our recent blog, we explore our favourite solutions and why they matter.

The AVentPro warehouse, after Q1 quality checks

AVentPro Q1 Meeting

Each quarter, the AVentPro team comes together to ensure we remain aligned and committed to producing high-quality events. Last month, we had our Q1 meeting where, in addition to celebrating our successes during the previous quarter, we talked about the quality checks our team performed on all equipment in our warehouse (pictured above) – one of our big initiatives for the beginning of the year. We finished the meeting by reviewing and updating our goals for the following quarter!

AVentPro employee Daniel Vigneau

Employee Spotlight: Daniel Vigneau

Ever since Daniel Vigneau joined the AVentPro team in 2021, he’s been putting his knack for quickly troubleshooting challenges and love for connecting with clients to good use! After beginning his career on the stage as a musician at thirteen years old, he was determined to build a career behind the scenes on live events. One of his favourite memories with AVentPro was being recognized by an indigenous elder during an event for his hard work and professionalism when he provided support during the MMIWG hearings.

The 2024 Whiteout Party

Whiteout Party

As proud Winnipeggers, we were thrilled to once again partner with TNSE on the Winnipeg Jets Whiteout Street Parties on Sunday, April 21st and Tuesday, April 23rd. The setup featured our mobile stage with a DJ, Emcee, and large LED display, and two LED trailers offered the 5,000+ attendees a great view of the game.

Hands on training during the Stageline Certification

Stageline Certifications

Recently, four AVentPro technicians completed their Stageline certification, allowing them to operate our Stageline SL100 stage – an annual staple at AVentPro outdoor events. Our team now has nine Stageline certified technicians, giving us even more flexibility in executing outdoor events.

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