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LOUD & CLEAR: In the Spotlight
-The Latest Trends and Ideas in the AV Industry-

Solutions Spotlight

AVentPro technicians working at a large event.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – the live events industry is constantly changing and evolving. From technological innovations to finding new and creative ways to engage with attendees and capture their attention, it takes more than just the right gear or the newest equipment to bring an event to life. It takes an understanding of what the client’s goals are, what will excite their audience, what technology will make an impact, and how to ensure that the event delivered is exactly what the client is expecting, each and every time.

Below, we’ve compiled some of our favourite event solutions. From technology and gear that we believe makes a big impact to the processes and best practices that brings everything together, keep reading to learn more about the tried and true solutions that AVentPro trusts.

The projector being used for technical checks at the Outdoor Opera

Solutions Spotlight: Technology.

The brightest projectors.

Since AVentPro’s inception, we’ve continuously invested in the latest projector technology. With each new installment or model, we’ve noticed a significant increase in the projector’s visual impact, and, without fail, always make sure we have the projectors capable of producing the brightest, crispest images possible.
Most recently, we added the Christie M 4K25 RBG+ projectors to our bench, and have seen their visual difference – and the effect it has on attendees – firsthand.

Shure microphones.

Not all event technology is about making a noticeable impact – in fact, the way you know some gear is doing its job is when it isn’t noticed at all!

When it comes to microphones, this is certainly true. While many attendees won’t consciously think about the sound quality of the event or how clearly they are able to hear speakers, they will certainly notice it if the sound quality isn’t what they are expecting.

Because of this, we’ve always used Shure microphones on all AVentPro events. For nearly a century, they’ve been seen as the most reliable microphones, producing the best sound every time they’re used. They’re seen as the highest industry standard for microphones all over the world – and that’s why we use them.

Reputable brands.

The most important thing our team looks for when it comes to event technology and equipment isn’t how flashy or exciting it may seem – it’s reliability. 

Our team only uses gear made by brands that are tried, tested, and proven to be effective and reliable. As excited as our team gets about new equipment (and we do!), we’ll only use gear on an event if we trust the brand and know they have a reputation for high-quality, predictable devices.

A technician working with preferred equipment at a recent event.

Solutions Spotlight: Process & Best Practices.

Just as, if not more, important as the gear being used is the way it’s used. In addition to highlighting some of our favourite technology, we’re sharing the best practices that allow events to be successful, exciting, and exactly what we promised to deliver.

A fully 4K workflow.

In recent years, our team has shifted to a full 4K video workflow, ensuring our event visuals have maximum impact. From cameras to projectors, everything is optimized for 4K resolution. This means our images and videos are incredibly sharp and vibrant.

Imagine enlarging a small photo – it often loses clarity. Similarly, content meant for smaller screens can look fuzzy on larger ones. However, by embracing 4K technology, we maintain clarity and vibrancy. We also utilize HDR (High Dynamic Range) for richer colours and better contrast, resulting in stunning visuals.

With 4K and HDR, we avoid common quality issues, ensuring our visuals remain crisp and captivating. This allows for more creative flexibility and enhanced accessibility features, such as clear captions, without sacrificing quality.

Planning for challenges.

Although equipment failures are rare, thanks to utilizing high-end gear from brands we trust, we understand that challenges outside of our control can happen. Crew members get sick, power outages take place, and equipment doesn’t perform the way we expected it to. We go into every event feeling confident that these challenges won’t occur – but we still come armed with a Plan B in case they do. 

By anticipating and planning ahead for any challenges that may arise, we’re able to pivot quickly if something does happen, allowing us to produce the event exactly as we planned it.

Equipment maintenance.

Even the best, most reliable equipment can face difficulties if it isn’t taken care of properly. Our team treats our gear with the utmost care before, during, and after each event. From making sure all equipment is packaged properly to be transported, handled carefully onsite, stored correctly in our warehouse, and regularly tested, inspected, and maintained, we make sure that our equipment is kept in great shape year-round. 

Not only that, we want our gear to look just as good as it functions. Some providers may be happy with a device that has some cosmetic defects or damage as long as it functions properly – but our team feels that all repairs, even superficial ones, should be made promptly and thoroughly.

A team we trust.

The best gear, processes, workflow, and planning only matters if the right team is supporting each event. Which is why, at AVentPro, we only work with team members we trust to uphold the event vision. We make sure that our team members are kept informed of everything going on and feel empowered to ask questions and present solutions at every stage of the event process.

Additionally, we consistently work to improve our craft. Whether it be through attending trade shows and conferences to learn about new technology, completing ongoing training or education courses, or training each other, we take every opportunity to learn. In an industry that is constantly evolving, we know that developing and sharing knowledge is the key to continuing to produce unique, flawless, exciting events, every time.

The AVentPro team working to ensure the event vision is upheld at a Gala

From the most reliable gear producing the highest audience impact to ensuring our processes make every event a successful one, our team is dedicated to event solutions that make a big impression. Reach out today to learn how we can use these solutions (and more!) to take your event to the next level. Email us at [email protected] or call us at (204) 226-5565.

With more than 18 years experience producing events, AVentPro ensures that each of our clients has what they need to achieve their ideal outcome.

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