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Virtual Events

What is a Virtual Event?

A Virtual Event creates an online interaction between presenters and audiences, bringing them together through some combination of a virtual and a physical event. We describe three combinations of virtual events on this page.

Virtual Events can effectively communicate your message to a broader audience than traditional events, often reaching those who would not be able to attend for cost, travel, or time restrictions. Many of our clients have had significant increases in attendance and engagement.

Live broadcast virtual events

Live Broadcast Events

AVentPro will set up the primary components of a traditional event at your venue but will also include all the equipment necessary to broadcast to the world in real time. Imagine a broadcast studio that contains all the tools that instill confidence in your presenters and allow them to be successful. We include confidence monitors, teleprompters and a presenter-ready room. You can even use our in-house studio for your live broadcast if you need to.

Great for: Educational Conferences, Keynote Presentations, Ceremonies.

Extra: see how we helped the Manitoba College of Family Physicians transition to a connected event in under 3 weeks.

Live Interaction Events with Studio Produced Video Content

These are events that combine live discussions and produced video content. The benefit of this solution is that we can create curated messages — produced and edited at our in-house studio — that have the natural feel of live interaction between speakers, panelists, and audiences.

Great for: Media Releases, Internal Corporate Announcements, Public Addresses.

AVentPro Studio

Hybrid Events Combine Traditional and Virtual Events

Hybrid events combine elements from the traditional, in-person event with elements from virtual events. We take components of physical meetings and breakouts and add on a virtual component to bring in remote speakers and audiences. Hybrid events generate much more interest than just a static recording by introducing an interactive online component along with the physical element of the program.

Great for: Multi-location events and events that must follow proper social distancing practices.

With more than 18 years experience producing events, AVentPro ensures that each of our clients has what they need to achieve their ideal outcome.

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