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A Special Thank You for Our 15th Anniversary

AVentPro is celebrating 15 years in business, and after the last 18 months, this milestone feels even more momentous. We owe our continuing success to the clients who we’ve partnered with over the years, who have pushed us to never stop growing and evolving.

Our clients have inspired us to find innovative technological solutions and work as a team to fulfill the visions they have for their events, or to help them create those visions. That inspiration has helped us stay ahead of market demands and made us able to weather challenges we never thought we’d face.

Innovating Solutions for Clients from the Beginning

Garry Hale launched AVentPro in 2006 with over 18 years of industry experience. The second event we ever did was in 2006 for Cindy Klassen, who had won five Olympic medals that year—an exciting event with a simple set up. Soon after that, another event presented a larger technological challenge, and we were determined to meet it.

The CFL Player Awards were being held in Winnipeg in conjunction with the 2006 Grey Cup Festival. We were asked to provide the technical support for the live two hour broadcast. Their unique request was for a curved screen, which our competitors said could not be done. We decided to start from “yes” and seek a solution for the client.

Looking to continue to expand AVentPro’s capabilities, Garry attended the Infocomm trade show that June. He discovered a company who had just rolled out its first curved screen. Just what we needed! When we came to the CFL with this solution, they were more than happy to extend their event budget so we could cooperate and put that plan into action. They were thrilled that we’d been able to give them a path to the experience and outcomes they wanted to share.

CFL Player Awards Curved Screen

A spirit of collaboration and flexibility gave AVentPro a strong start, and it kicked off the first of many positive long term client relationships we’ve developed over our time in business.

Check out the photos below for another example of a client relationship that grew over time, a yearly event for the Insurance Brokers Association. You can see how the same event has developed and evolved over the years, demonstrating how we never become complacent.

IBAM 2016IBAM 2014IBAM DinnerIBAM Virtual 2021

Serving with Cutting-Edge Technology

One of the greatest tools and qualities at our disposal has been our openness to using new technology. It’s something that has helped us overcome problems that might seem unsolvable at first glance. The curved screen was only the beginning, and we’ve become known in the event space of Western Canada for having the cutting-edge equipment before others in the region.

Movies @ Assiniboine Park
In 2012, Winnipeg’s Assiniboine Park Conservancy came to us about screening movies in the city park for four weeks during the summer. Using the normal projection method, it’s usually impossible to see what’s playing on a screen during the day. However, we were the only events company in the province who had an LED screen at the ready, which gives the films a fighting chance of being seen before the sun goes down.

We used this technology to our (and the community’s) advantage for several years, and we saw the potential that LED technology could continue to offer. Proactively following that thread would end up helping us to keep thriving as we were forced to adapt more than ever before.

In late 2019, AVentPro embarked on a new project – custom building LED trailers that would provide a portable method to play video for large audiences. However, on March 12, 2020, as the project was nearing completion, major event cancelations swept North America due to the COVID 19 pandemic. However, we pushed through with construction of the trailers, weathering lockdowns and shipping delays. Once we had finally secured them, we were able to create the perfect drive-in theater experience to bring joy to families who needed a break from the stress of pandemic life.
LED Trailer

Drive-In Series

Staying Ahead of Demand

As COVID continued, we began to think ahead about how we could use technology to drive demand. Right away, we converted our warehouse into a studio to make it possible to hold virtual and hybrid events. Our studio was the first in the province, and is the most technologically advanced. Our ability to quickly adapt to this situation paid it forward to our clients, letting them adapt as well and keep their businesses and nonprofits alive. AVentPro’s agility has helped these clients be more effective over the past 18 months than they would have been otherwise.

Now, as the potential for holding in-person events draws closer, we can offer a more versatile range of options. And of course, we are already seeking even more new ways to do so.

United Way @ AVentPro Studios

After 15 years, our clients still inspire us to seek proactive ways to create extraordinary outcomes. Through focusing on working as a team, innovating and solving problems with technology, and collaborating to bring our clients’ visions to life, we look forward to another 15 years of great business relationships and remarkable, boundary-pushing events.

Thank You!

With more than 18 years experience producing events, AVentPro ensures that each of our clients has what they need to achieve their ideal outcome.

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