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Our Core Values

An AVentPro technician and camera operator at a recent event

At AVentPro, we take pride in providing our clients with more than the highest quality of audio-visual services – we partner with them from start to finish, turning event dreams into reality. Whether the event is for an association or large corporation, takes place in a classic ballroom setting or outside, we accomplish this by having an incredible team dedicated to the same goal and aligned behind our core values.

Our core values are our guiding principles, responsible for defining our culture, shaping our processes, and ensuring that our team is on the same page in any given situation.

The AVentPro values.

Our event process goes way beyond gear (although, we do have a great deal of wow-worthy equipment). Our true value comes from our dedication to creating flawless events that deliver your message effectively in an exciting, captivating way. The AVentPro core values guide the way we approach each event, ensuring that our team brings the best of AVentPro to our clients, every day.

Two AVentPro crew members watching an event feed during an event

We are professionals.

As event professionals, we hold ourselves, and our teammates, to a higher standard. We know that, despite our expertise, the live event field is constantly evolving and we are dedicated to continuously learning and improving ourselves and the teams we work with.

The team is committed to being the very best at what we do, which means using high-quality equipment that we trust to deliver the results we are looking for, follow proven, well-defined processes created using decades of experience, and, most importantly, deliver the results we’ve promised for every event.

We are responsive.

By responsive, we don’t just mean that we are easy to get a hold of and give timely replies to client questions and inquiries alike (and we do!). Being responsive means that we are forward-thinking and proactive, anticipating needs and challenges so that we are prepared to respond to a variety of different situations. Each of one of us takes individual responsibility for getting the answer to any question we or a client may have and communicate just as thoroughly internally as we do with our clients. We know that this is the key to delivering world-class events.

An AVentPro technician calling cues on his headset

We embody integrity.

At AVentPro, integrity is a non-negotiable value. We do the right thing in any and all situations, regardless of what it entails, and we expect all of our team members to do the same. Simple.

We deliver what we promise.

We leverage creativity and innovation, but we never offer a solution or technique that we aren’t confident we can achieve. Instead, we use our event expertise to create an experience that will wow and captivate attendees without compromising the quality of the event. 

We are committed to delivering exactly what we promise our clients – which is the best event experience, with high-quality standards that exceed expectations, every time.

A beautiful AVentPro event setting

These core values steer everything we do. They not only allow us to serve each client and event at the highest possible standard, but help us to make the right hiring choices, adding members to our team whose values align with ours, allow us to determine what resources or ongoing training we need to do our best work, and give us confidence that we can rely on ourselves and our teammates in any situation.

Are you ready to see the AVentPro difference? Contact us today to start planning your next event! Email us at [email protected] or call us at (204) 226-5565.

With more than 18 years experience producing events, AVentPro ensures that each of our clients has what they need to achieve their ideal outcome.

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