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Innovative Hybrid Events Showcase the Future of RRC Polytech

View from the tech console of RRC Polytech's Hybrid Event

As event planning experts, we know the first rule of a successful launch is to expect the unexpected. We love seeing our clients grow and evolve. 2021 was remarkable in stretching all of our limits, expanding our horizons, and honing the art of remaining flexible. The past year truly showcased AVentPro’s distinction for agile event planning, including hybrid event facilitation. We’ve been honored to support our clients in adapting to a changing world while maintaining the spirit and impact of every event.

The face of event hosting may look a little different, but gathering together will always feel familiar.

Among our greatest highlights from 2021 was partnering with RRC Polytech in hosting a series of hybrid events to showcase the institution’s evolving new identity. Their focus is to support innovation, recovery, and growth, and they needed an event series to highlight that. From launching a hybrid press conference to navigating the logistics of a pandemic campaign launch, AVentPro partnered with RRC Polytech’s amazing events team to bring their vision to life. Each hybrid event was carefully planned to ensure attendees, donors, and stakeholders were prioritized.

The result? A resounding success for the future of higher education!

Strategic Plan Launch

The first COVID era event AVentPro hosted for our friends at RRC Polytech was the launch of their new strategic plan, and the unveiling of the institution’s new name. The event was described as being in honor of the “evolution into a unique kind of post-secondary institution — one that blends deep, theoretical learning with applied, hands-on experience, and highlights the important role its graduates will play in growing Manitoba’s economy as the province recovers from the pandemic and looks to the future.”

This timely theme engaged both a small in-person audience and a larger congregation of virtual attendees. Marrying these two mediums was a lot like the union of values RRC Polytech represents! AVentPro was able to bring together the best of both worlds. That included maintaining a safe, socially responsible environment for our in-person attendees, while equally engaging a virtual audience.

Manitou a bi Bii daziigae Grand Opening and Naming Ceremony

The commencement of this milestone was an important reason to gather at RRC Polytech. The naming of the new expansion represents a forward movement towards inclusion, reconciliation, and innovation for the institution.

Through seamless hybrid event planning, RRC Polytech’s Elders-in-Residence held an unbroadcasted pipe ceremony in the agora of the new 100,000 square-foot space, before bringing the virtual audience in for the remainder of the celebration. In addition to introducing the name to the community, the ceremony brought spirit and life to the name. Elders Paul Guimond, Okonace (Little Eagle Bone) from Sagkeeng First Nation, and Miss Una Swan, Black Eagle Woman, from Fisher River Cree Nation were joined by community members in support of this name.

The spirit of unity was upheld in a virtual space as well. Clean and minimalist technology highlighted the splendor and beauty of the new expansion while minimizing distractions and technical difficulties. The hybrid event structure ensured every attendee felt as if they were a part of something great.

Campaign Launch

The 2021 commencement event was the launch of the College’s new fundraising campaign In Front of What’s Ahead surrounding the introduction of RRC Polytech’s expansion and rebranding. For this event, it was critical to bring in the voices of the student body. We seized the opportunity of a hybrid event model to draw students from different communities to come together for this special event. Student speakers highlighted the impact RRC Polytech has had on their learning, career path, and growth.

Showcasing the building itself was a key part of the night’s agenda. We were able to host several donors in a pandemic safe, socially distanced first look at the new space. Not only did the donors see the benefit of their generous contribution in action, but students were able to share their appreciation. Live and pre-recorded videos were incorporated to facilitate various aspects of the event. Our favourite touch was the recreation of the northern lights throughout the building. Their beauty spiraled up the ascending floors to symbolize the connection of the building to the natural landscape. 

We look forward to supporting RRC Polytech’s future growth in 2022 as we continue to bring our world a little closer together.

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