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Our 2022 Event Planning Wish-list: Top 3 Gatherings We’d Love To Host

Team playing e-sports as part of innovative event planning in 2022.

As Audio Visual experts, our New Years’ resolutions might look a little different than most. We’re forecasting toward the future and excited to try new, innovative technologies. And when we set our 2022 goals, we like to dream big.

Here are the top three events we’d love to host in 2022. Looking for inspiration for your seasonal celebrations, community gatherings, and other special occasions? We may have your next event on our 2022 wish-list!

1. Incorporate a Game Show in Your Event Planning

Come on down and try your luck at winning some fantastic prizes while enjoying a little friendly competition with your team. We’ve always wanted an occasion to use our best game show tech gear. Facilitating a game show in 2022 is at the top of our event planning bucket list. As the go-to professionals for all your event planning needs, we’re excited to showcase our skills for a trivia tournament for the ages.

Where: Game shows could be hosted completely virtual or with a hybrid event format featuring on-site contestants and a live stream for the audience at home. As an added bonus, audience prizes would be part of the package, so everyone is a winner.

Who: This event is a great fit for corporate team building, non-profits, and even family reunions!

Virtual integration brings both on-site and remote teams together for the perfect annual or semi-annual team-building event. Imagine a sales team kickoff or a cross-departmental gathering leveraging the knowledge of your crew. Use this fun forum to build confidence, support collaboration, and drive fun training initiatives. 

Game shows are a unique fundraising opportunity for non-profits and community-based organizations to grow their donor base. Consider inviting local celebrities, comedians, or bands to perform on-site, while the virtual audience gets to be the “phone a friend” helpers leading the contestants to victory.

Of course, we’d love to host a family feud for your graduation, family reunion, or any special occasion or holiday in need of a little excitement.

2. Host Video Game Competitions with Global eSports

eSports events have been on our wish-list for quite some time. We want to challenge ourselves to reach and engage a large audience with a unique AV set-up. The thought of like-minded gamers in a stadium with huge screens, heart pounding sound, and massive video walls tickles us pink! 

Only experienced AV teams can achieve a real-time experience with instant-replays, statistics, graphics, and video that allows gamers to be a part of the action. This system requires cameras, screens, audio, streaming, projectors, computers and more. Challenge accepted.

Where: What venue can get people out of their gaming chairs and into the action? The real question is, what AV experience within a local arena, stadium, convention centre or hotel will astonish attendees? No matter the venue, we want an event that players will not want to end, with our streamlined system that guarantees sensory stimulation.

Who: When it comes to eSports the participation of players can range from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands. These crowds can generate a prize pool output of up to $40 million, depending on the game. Target demographics are men and women ages 18 to 34 years old, with 30% being women and 70% men. These passionate players seek a social connection in a thrilling environment, they work hard and play harder.

Whether you’re a game developer based in Winnipeg or an advertiser looking for exposure, we would love to partner with you. Together we’ll build a strong community that will never forget your contribution to it!

3. Celebration Over the Water

Innovation is the centrepiece of a great event. Let’s think outside the stage by hosting a large-scale celebration on the water. Visualize a luminous art show over the water, reminiscent of Disney World with a hint of your favourite Vegas resort. With a unique pumping system, the event could feature a screen rising from the water, while guests watch from the shore, boat, or pier. 

Need more inspiration to imagine the magic? Check out this stunning water show.

Where: This event is perfect for celebrating special occasions, enhancing artistic community initiatives, and showcasing your brand. Recognize the potential within your lakefront community, The Forks, retention pond or community fountain. Host your VIP ticket holders from a private boat or better yet, a helicopter…we can dream right?

Who: A celebration on the water is a mesmerizing experience. We envision this event for corporate gatherings, community art exhibitions, or music festivals. The possibilities are limitless!

What events would you like to host in 2022? Let us help make your imagination a reality with in-person, virtual, and event planning solutions for every occasion. 

Need some inspiration? Checkout our 2021 event highlights!

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