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How a Teleprompter Can Take Your Event to the Next Level

A teleprompter screen showing a speaker's remarks.

Odds are, you’ve heard of teleprompters before, and likely even have a basic understanding of what they are. Simply put, a teleprompter is a monitor that displays text, like an event script, for the presenter. This enables them to give their presentation fluidly while maintaining eye contact with the audience, without having to memorize a long script or worry about missing an important point.

While there are several different types and uses for teleprompters, they all serve the same basic purpose – to allow presenters to give their presentation without relying on a paper script. Regardless of which style of teleprompter will best fit your event’s needs, an experienced professional teleprompter operator is the key to ensuring your presentation runs smoothly.

Types of Teleprompters

A speaker, standing at a podium, using a teleprompter.

All types of teleprompters operate on the same basic principle, and for the same basic function. Their purpose is to display a scrollable script in front of a speaker, allowing them to read it at a natural cadence and connect more effortlessly with the audience.

However, in order to pick the right kind of teleprompter for your presenters, it’s important to understand what the different types of teleprompters are. Let’s take a deeper dive into each type of teleprompter and explore what situations they work best in.

Camera-Mounted Teleprompter

A camera-mounted teleprompter is an invaluable tool used by professionals in the broadcasting and video production industries. Using the same basic components of all other teleprompters, a camera-mounted system features a special pane of glass that covers the camera lens, allowing the presenter to read the text while looking directly into the camera. This gives the presenter the freedom to deliver their lines with confidence and conviction, leading to a more impactful address.

These teleprompters also allow presenters to record the message in fewer takes, leading to shorter shoot days and often drastically reducing production costs, while delivering a better final product.

Presidential Teleprompter

A presidential teleprompter is a small, yet effective device for delivering a speech from the comfort of a podium. The presenter’s remarks are displayed on a small piece of reflective glass attached to the end of a long, thin pole, allowing the presenter to continue looking at their audience while they are speaking, without breaking eye contact to check paper notes.

Because the glass is small and clear, it is barely noticeable – in fact, you’ve likely seen a speech by a political leader where they used this kind of teleprompter, and not even realized it was there. For presenters delivering remarks from a podium, presidential teleprompters are an indispensable tool.

Floor or Stand Teleprompter

Floor or stand teleprompters can be very useful in professional settings where rehearsed, well-written speeches are delivered. They are especially useful when many different presenters will be relying on the teleprompter, such as at an awards gala, or when presenters will need the flexibility to move around the stage while they are talking.

These devices are often stationed at an angle on the ground or hung in the back of a room, depending on the stage setup and needs of the presenters. The convenience of a floor or stand teleprompter makes delivering a speech easy for the presenter, allowing them to deliver remarks with maximum impact.

A speaker, standing at a podium, using a stand teleprompter.

Optimizing your teleprompter

Using a teleprompter is an easy way to make presenters feel more comfortable onstage and make an event more impactful. To ensure that you’re getting the maximum benefit from the system, we have a few things to keep in mind.

Hire a skilled teleprompter operator

A camera-mounted teleprompter with remarks on the screen.

Just as you wouldn’t want an inexperienced lighting technician to design the lighting for a large-scale event, you don’t want to entrust someone with managing the teleprompter if it’s outside their wheelhouse. A skilled teleprompter operator can make the difference between a memorable, successful presentation and one that falls flat.

Unlike karaoke machines, which move at a fixed pace, an experienced teleprompter operator follows the speed and cadence of the speaker, making the words sound natural and authentic. Essentially, the teleprompter should follow the tone and tempo of the presenter, not the other way around. Additionally, an experienced operator will be able to easily adjust if a presenter decides to ad-lib or go off script.

Prepare Your Script

The presentation is only as good as its content, regardless of how thorough the operator is. Take plenty of time to prepare your script, focusing on big-picture messages and how you can effectively communicate them with well-crafted, concise, clear language that is easy to understand. Have multiple people on the event planning team review the script to make sure it’s sending the intended message.

Rehearse Your Presentation

Two presenters, each standing at a podium, using floor teleprompters.

Rehearsals are a presenter’s best friend. A teleprompter is a tool that allows you to deliver remarks without worrying about missing an important message. But it’s not a substitute for thoroughly reviewing what you plan to say ahead of time. Rehearsal gives you the opportunity to critique yourself and make adjustments to your script prior to the final delivery, while also establishing a good level of comfort with the equipment and operator. This will allow you to get used to working with the device and help the operator understand your pacing in advance.

Connect With Your Audience

To make sure your audience is captivated by the message you’re sharing, take time during your presentation to connect with them. Make a point to look individual attendees in the eye throughout your presentation, use natural hand gestures and take meaningful pauses to let an important point sink in. The combination of a powerful, well-delivered script and intentional connection will allow the presentation to have the biggest possible impact.

Finally – Practice Patience

Don’t let early challenges deter you from using a teleprompter. Like any new skill, using a teleprompter can have a learning curve. Luckily, it’s one that is usually overcome quickly with a bit of dedication and effort. In our experience, once a presenter gets comfortable using a teleprompter, they consider it a “must-have” for any future events.

Invest in professionalism for your next presentation with a teleprompter system. Teleprompters provide convenience and reliability, delivering words before you like magic. This allows for greater control over message delivery to both internal and external audiences. For an impactful, dynamic presentation with unbeatable accuracy and efficiency, contact us by phone at (204) 226-5565 or email us at [email protected].

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