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A close up of a teleprompter with text on it.

The Power of a Teleprompter

If you’re looking to take your upcoming events to the next level while improving the experience (and performance!) of your presenters, a teleprompter may just make the difference you’re looking for. Teleprompters allow presenters to deliver their remarks without worrying about memorization or relying on a paper script. In our recent blog post, we dive into everything you need to know about teleprompters.

An LED floor with rainbow hearts on it

Check Out Our LED Floor!

Our new LED floor only arrived just over a month ago, and it’s already been featured at two events – and we’ve had great feedback! The LED floor combines the exceptional contrast of LED with incredibly high weight limits, allowing heavy set pieces or even cars to be placed on top of the unit. The interactive display is touch-sensitive, allowing presenters or audience members to manipulate the visuals.

An archway made up of LED panels with rainbow hearts on each panel

Making a Grand Entrance

Creating a memorable event requires considering what the attendee experience will be before they even set foot in the room – or even how they enter it! For a recent event, the AVentPro team designed and created an LED tunnel, allowing the audience to enter the event space through a custom-built archway, complete with bold motion graphics.

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