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AVentPro May Newsletter: Celebrate, Innovate and Explore

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An event tech looking at the Savour stage during the event

How We Savour the Moment

After two years of meeting virtually, the Health Sciences Centre Foundation had a triumphant return to in-person events with their largest gala yet! In our recent blog post, we explore how the AVentPro team supported the Savour gala, and how we used new technology, an exciting theme and entertainment to create a memorable experience.

Winnipeg Jet's fans cheering on the team at the Whiteout Party

Cheering on the Winnipeg Jets at the Whiteout Party

After the first Whiteout Party sold out in under three minutes, the AVentPro team was determined to make the event, where over 5,000 fans gathered to watch the playoff game, a memorable experience. With an SL100 mobile stage set up and an LED trailer with a pop-up screen, this self-sufficient set-up featured unique technology that can be used anywhere.

Jazz festival in Winnipeg at a unique event venue

Unique Venues to Make Your Event Shine

When most people think of event venues, they picture hotel ballrooms and convention centres. But if you’re looking for something more unique for your next event, you’re in luck! Winnipeg+’s Venue Hunters International: New Cities. New Events. New Venues. recently explored unique and exciting offsite venues.

Thank You for Your Ongoing Partnership!

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their ongoing partnership. Thanks to all of you, AVentPro has had season after season full of successful events. And if our calendars are any indication, things won’t be slowing down anytime soon!

Over the past year, we’ve seen a huge shift in how far in advance customers are booking their events, and the upcoming fall, winter and spring seasons are booking up quickly. If you’re looking to book AVentPro for an upcoming event, or have a specific venue in mind, we recommend reaching out as soon as possible to secure your date!

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