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Interactive LED Flooring: Using Cutting Edge Technology to Create Exciting Experiences

People dancing on a touch screen LED stage

Taking live events to the next level requires more than simply using cutting-edge technology. To truly create a unique and engaging experience that will excite attendees, finding new ways to leverage leading technology in unexpected ways is key.

Right now, the AVentPro team is buzzing about touch-capable LED panels that not only allows attendees to interact with event visuals, but to manipulate them. With the ability to hold up to 2 tons per square metre, these LED panels can accommodate large crowds standing on them, or even cars driving across them!

Keep reading to learn how we’ve already used interactive LED flooring.

Manito Ahbee Festival

A woman dancing on a touch screen LED stage displaying pebbles in water

AVentPro supported this multi-day festival that celebrates Indigenous arts, culture and music. The interactive LED panels were used to create a stage in the centre of the room so that the audience, viewing from all angles, could see the visuals on it. The LED floor allowed each performer to have their own unique effect correlating to their segment.

In their teachings, there are four directions representing body, mind, heart and spirit, each of which also correlates to one of the four seasons. The visuals and effects on the LED floor during each performance corresponded to the direction the performer was representing. 

In addition to creating an immersive experience for presenters and audience members alike, these visuals helped to create a clear distinction between different segments and presenters.

Saturday Night Pride 2023

A group dancing on an LED stage with rainbow hearts on it

At a recent event for the Rainbow Resource Centre, we used interactive LED panels to create an interactive dance floor. Instead of holding static images or classic motion graphics, the visuals on the floor changed in response to the dancers’ movements.

As attendees jumped along to the music and danced around the stage, the floor reacted, lighting up in different colors, or following their movements. Attendees loved watching to see the impact of their moves, and the dance floor stayed packed all night long.

Future uses

These LED panels combine the power of LED’s bright colors and crisp visuals with unique interactive applications. Seeing the response we’ve already had to LED flooring has all of us excited about how we can continue to deploy the technology in the future.

Keep reading to see how else this incredible technology can be used!

Interactive art display

Whether attendees are adding to an art display to create a customized work of art for an event, or manipulating a famous piece being shown on the screen, this allows audience members to make their mark in a unique, unexpected way.

Enhance performances

If an event features performances, such as dancers, a band or other live entertainment with lots of movement, the interactive floor will enhance the experience. Picture tap dancers quickly moving through a routine, with the colors underneath them changing with each step, or a logo that sweeps across the stage with specific movements.

Creating a bridge

Imagine a graduation ceremony, where an LED bridge displays the crest of the high school they are graduating from. As they officially become high school graduates, and walk across the bridge, symbolizing their transition, the visual will switch to show the crest of the post-secondary institution they will be attending.

The red carpet experience

Walking down a red carpet may be exciting – but not nearly as exciting as an interactive walkway that celebrates the entrance of each attendee! Whether each step creates a ripple effect of color, or each attendee gets their own customized graphic as they enter the space, it will create a unique and exciting photo op.

Additionally, consider using the walkway to bring award winners to the stage after their names are announced. The walkway can display their name and image, changing as they walk across it, or reflect different tiers of awards throughout the evening.

Interactive marketing

A man walking across a piano on an LED floor

Creating an opportunity for exciting and meaningful interactions makes any expo booth or product experience stand out! Imagine standing on a giant tube of toothpaste, which attendees can step on to see the toothpaste squirt out, or a giant interactive piano that attendees can play by simply walking across it!

These experiences will have people lining up to participate and leave a lasting impression.

Interactions at sporting events

While we’ve used these interactive panels as flooring, they can also be mounted vertically, allowing even more opportunities for interaction. With applications like target practice games, participants can throw a ball at the screen to test their accuracy or go head-to-head in a virtual game of ice hockey.

Two men using their feet to play air hockey on an LED floor

Are you looking for an exciting and unique way to engage your event attendees? Contact us to learn more about interactive LED and how it can benefit your next event!  Email [email protected] or call us at (204) 226-5565

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