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Using January to Your Advantage

A recent AVentPro event where attendees are enjoying dinner and a video.

As 2024 begins, event planning for the year is already underway for many of our clients – and with good reason! January isn’t just the perfect time to create resolutions and think about the future – it’s the perfect opportunity to get ahead on planning and set yourself up for event success in the new year.

Keep reading to learn why using January to your advantage will lead to more successful events and how you can start effectively planning.

Changing your planning mindset.

We’ve shared our philosophy on the importance of creatively designing an event as well as effectively collaborating with the event planning team, but the fact of the matter is that the earlier you start planning, the more opportunities you have to craft a unique, exciting event that helps you reach all of your organization’s goals.

By starting to plan your events for the year in January, you’ll have more opportunities for conceptualization. Instead of taking a “rinse and repeat” approach, copying events that have been successful in the past, you can take more time to think about what your event goals are and how you can best achieve them.

This doesn’t just give you and your event partner the opportunity to ensure the right technologies or venues are available – it allows us to be intentional about how we’re using new technology, creative solutions and sharing your message with the event attendees.

Think of it this way: your event is likely one of the most important initiatives your company or organization has during the year. Events are an incredible tool to communicate your message to the audience, giving in-depth information and allowing them to interact with your team in a way they don’t get to do at any other point during the year. It’s important to take plenty of time to plan your event so that it can have the maximum impact.

Speaker Eric Ellefsen at a recent AVentPro event

How to use January to your advantage.


Kick off the year by solidifying your event schedule. Consider how many events you want to have, who will be at them and what the purpose of each event will be. Once you know the general cadence of the events, you can begin planning out your year.

Additionally, this will allow you to reserve any internal resources you may need for the event. Perhaps there is an internal speaker you want to ensure is able to present, or a member of the communications team who will be assisting in event messaging. By creating a schedule well in advance, you’ll be able to get the events on your team’s radar – and ensure they are available to give you whatever assistance you may need.

Most importantly, you’ll have plenty of time to create cohesive messaging. Your organization may have already communicated overarching themes or objectives for the year, and your event messaging should support those goals, and even get into greater detail about them. By taking the time to intentionally explore what the ideal event messages are, you’ll be able to ensure it aligns with your organization’s goals and strategies.


Our recommendation is always that organizations engage their event partners as early in the event planning process as possible. The earlier you start planning, the more likely it is that your preferred partners are available.

This also rings true for many event venues that are in high demand, as well as external entertainment acts or keynote speakers. Use January to start planning your events so that you can be intentional about who you’re working with (and the value they bring to your event!), where your event will be held and booking any other resources you may need.

How does AVentPro use January to our advantage?

Because we see the benefits of starting off the new year strong, our team is proactive about using January to align both internally and externally so that we can bring the best of AVentPro to each and every event.

One AVentPro technician training another.

With our clients.

When it comes to events that are already booked or clients we work with regularly, we are incredibly proactive, using January to make pre-production schedules, align on deadlines and begin conceptualizing the creative elements of the event.

We also use this time to get ahead of scheduling wherever we can. We confirm and lock in talent, equipment, staffing and anything else we know the event will require.

With our team.

We want to ensure that every event we produce not only has a great team, but has the best team to fit their unique needs. At the beginning of the year, we review any staffing needs we are already aware of and begin making intentional assignments in the event production team, as well as the onsite crew.

Our team also uses January as an opportunity to come together intentionally to discuss how we want to learn from each other and expand our capabilities and team throughout the year. While training and continuous education is an ongoing endeavour throughout the year, we use January to plan specific training events, discuss what skills everybody would like to expand, discuss upcoming industry events and more. We think of January as our team’s version of baseball’s “Spring Training”. We’ll continue to grow our skills throughout the year – but we’re more successful when we take time to plan how we’ll go about doing it.

A behind the scenes view at a recent AVentPro event.

Use January to your advantage when it comes to planning your 2024 events. Contact the AVentPro team today so we can start conceptualizing your event and bringing your messaging to life! Email us at [email protected] or call us at (204) 226-5565.

With more than 18 years experience producing events, AVentPro ensures that each of our clients has what they need to achieve their ideal outcome.

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