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The Importance of Bringing an AV Partner to the Table During the Concepting Stage

An AVentPro technician working during an event

Picture this: it’s the final moments of a successful event. The audience has been listening with rapt attention throughout several sessions, and all the hard work you’ve been doing for several months has paid off. As the final round of applause begins, you take a deep sigh of relief. And yet, your mind is already whirling, thinking about the next event. Before you even leave the event venue, you turn to your AV partner and say “We have another event coming up in six months. Let’s chat next week.”

This may seem premature or a bit early to start thinking about the next event, but believe it or not, we have clients who, regardless of how far away their next event is, want to begin planning it as soon as they are able to, and bring our team into the process as early in the concepting stage as possible.

We’ve found that there are distinct advantages in beginning the event planning process as early as possible, as well as inviting a trusted AV partner into the conversations as soon as they begin. Of course, for groups who haven’t worked closely with their AV team before, knowing exactly when to begin planning may be daunting – and engaging a trusted partner early in the process may seem unnecessary.

Keep reading to learn when you should engage your AV partner and how early planning will bring your event to new heights.

What are you looking for in an AV partner?

Events come in all different shapes, sizes and scopes, and because of that, we realize that not everybody will need the same level of support and partnership leading up to and during the event. Not to mention, not all AV companies are the same, and finding the correct one to support the needs of your event is the key to making it as successful and stress-free as possible.

If you want somebody to come to the table with creative ideas, help build a vision for the event and protect that vision at all stages of the planning process, you’ll want to be intentional about the event partner you engage – and begin working with them well in advance of the event. In doing so, you’ll get to create a close partnership, be introduced to ideas or techniques you may not have known existed and trust that your AV partner is working with you to bring the desired outcome to life.

A camera capturing a live performer during a recent event

When should you engage an AV partner?

The answer to this question really varies based on the size and scope of the event. For many events, we start talking as soon as the previous event ends or when the client has an approximate date in mind. Others bring us in once they’ve booked a venue and the date is secured. Realistically, the sooner we’re brought into the conversation, the more we can help you achieve your event goals and streamline the process.

Oftentimes clients have a specific idea in mind for a stage setup or effect they’d like to use, without realizing that what may be perfectly achievable at one venue is impossible at another. If we’re engaged before the event venue is booked, we can make sure they’re aware of any limitations in the spaces they are looking at – or present options based on our experience working in these spaces.

Not to mention, our team is well-versed in every venue in the Winnipeg area, and often find that we’re able to save our clients a lot of time and stress looking for a venue by making recommendations based on their event goals.

This is just one example of the ways that a true AV partner can be an asset to their clients at every stage of the event planning process. That being said, we can work within whatever time frame you give us, and the more time we have to bring your vision to life, the more options we can present you with.

What are the benefits of booking your AV partner early?

Several AVentPro technicians working together during an event

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of booking your AV partner early in the concepting stage is their involvement in the creative design process. Through a collaborative discovery process, your AV partner will work with you to craft an overall creative vision for the event that goes beyond supplying equipment to creating captivating experiences for attendees.

Engaging with your AV partner early also ensures that any equipment, especially new or specialty equipment, is available during the event. If there is something you have your heart set on, from equipment to keynote speakers, and your event is taking place during a time of year when local resources are in high demand, make sure you’re planning ahead so you aren’t limited later on.

Early engagement gives both your team and your event partner the opportunity to make intentional decisions at each stage of the planning process.

Not to mention, there are financial benefits to early planning, too. Rush fees are easily avoided, and sometimes, even early pricing may be available. Planning early is a no-cost advantage – but it may save you some money.

Bringing your ideal outcome to life

The difference between an AV supplier and a true event partner is that a partner understands what your ideal event outcome is and does what it takes to help you get there. They stand alongside your team, answering any questions you have and collaborating to not only understand your goals, but working with you to achieve them.

A live band playing onstage during an AVentPro event.

Bringing in your AV partner as early as possible in the event planning process opens up a world of possibilities for your event, while removing barriers that may limit your options. Whether your event is six months or six weeks away, AVentPro is here to help design and execute the event you’ve been dreaming of. Contact us to get started on any upcoming events today! Email [email protected] or call us at (204) 226-5565.

With more than 18 years experience producing events, AVentPro ensures that each of our clients has what they need to achieve their ideal outcome.

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