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Our Top Highlights From 2023

Attendees at the Skills Canada National Competition watching a video.

As another year comes to a close, we’re reflecting on some of the biggest highlights of 2023. From events that stretched us creatively and allowed us to come up with innovative solutions, to supporting our clients and watching our team grow, 2023 was a year to remember.

Although it was hard to only pick a few, we compiled the top five highlights from 2023. Keep reading to find out our biggest takeaways from this year!

Skills Canada National Competition.

The 2023 Skills Canada National Competition was one of our favorite events of the year, due to both the creativity that went into producing the event and the complexity of it.

The Skills Canada National Competition brings together over 550 students and apprentices to compete in over 40 competitions, all with the goal of helping the future workforce discover exciting careers in the trades and technology. 

The event, which utilized all three floors of both RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg buildings, also featured several live broadcasts throughout the event. While the York Ballroom featured both the opening and closing ceremonies for the event, the backstage area was transformed into a broadcast studio, complete with an anchor desk. Commentary from the anchors, as well as live hits from different stations in the convention centre allowed people who weren’t able to attend in person to stay up to date on everything going on.

Bringing our client’s vision to life, despite the complexity of simultaneously producing an in-person event and a full broadcast production utilizing only the convention centre’s IT infrastructure, was an incredible experience.

A camera operator filming during a live event.

Team growth.

As AVentPro took on additional events, expanding our technological offers and continued to strive to implement creative solutions and ideas, we knew our team needed to grow along with us. In 2023, we made a dedicated effort to expand our talent pool, with our internal full-time employees, as well as our trusted freelancer bench.

We’ve added several members to our full-time team, including trusted freelancers we’ve been working with for years, and began working with new technicians behind the scenes. Adding new members to our extended team has allowed us to expand our capabilities, take on additional events and help our clients achieve their event goals.

Internal professional development.

The AVentPro team at a meeting during the company's first retreat.

Expanding our team is incredibly important – but just as important is making sure our existing team members are given the opportunities to grow professionally and develop new skills. 

During our first-ever AVentPro retreat, we discussed the importance of constantly striving to improve our craft, especially when working in the events industry, where technology and trends are constantly changing the game. Each and every member of our team expressed their commitment to acquiring new skills and expanding their knowledge, and we created (and later implemented!) a plan to continue ongoing learning sessions year-round.

As our team continues to dedicate their time to upskilling, we’re excited to see the impact it will have on our clients and their events!

New equipment spotlight.

This year, our team not only acquired new technology, but found exciting new ways to use existing equipment to create “wow” worthy moments at our clients’ events. Some of our favorite new pieces of gear include:

  • New projectors, with 4k resolution, increased brightness, a larger color palette and more.
  • Interactive LED flooring, which allows presenters to utilize the floor as an extension of their content while interacting with event visuals.
  • Our LED Tunnel, custom-built for an event using traditional LED Panels, allowed all attendees to make an entrance in style.

While the new technology is undoubtedly cool, what excites our team the most is the additional creativity it allows us to bring to our clients and the impact it has on the experience of all attendees.

A dancer using the touch-capable LED flooring during her performance.

A year full of events.

In a record-breaking year for our team, we produced over 300 events in 2023 – more than we have in any other previous year. Taking on additional events and working with new clients would not have been possible without our incredible, quickly expanding team and the clients we are so lucky to work with. We feel honoured to be chosen as the team to help our clients share their message.

A technician looking on during an event with live music

2023 was an incredible year for the AVentPro team, and has us all looking forward to what 2024 will bring! We can’t wait to continue using new technology, implementing creative solutions, growing the skills of our team, and, most importantly, partnering with our clients to bring their event vision to life. Contact us to start planning your 2024 events via email at [email protected] or call us at (204) 226-5565. 

Happy Holidays and New Year from the AVentPro team!

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