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The Magic Behind AV Tech

When planning an event, it’s important to engage with your AV partner to ensure a successful kick-off. The most successful companies, institutions, and event planners understand the importance of...

Benefits of Connectivity

The advent of reopening the world to live event gatherings has left many wondering if virtual events will be a relic of the past. We’re sharing stories from some of our most successful partners,...

Solve & Evolve

Our team has the highlights on how to keep your booth lit and draw in traffic with LED wall displays and sharing stories from some of our most successful partners, industry professionals and leaders. ...
Projection mapping example of colors projected onto buildings.


Have you ever experienced the impact of projection mapping? It creates an immersive environment that goes beyond the balloons and can turn your event into a memorable moment!...

Learn. Grow. Succeed.

We’re excited to welcome back in-person events and we recognize the ongoing value of virtual events. The experts at AVentPro wanted to share how AV technology has integrated itself into our daily lives...
A group of attendees is engaged in an event due to effective event planning.


As Audio Visual experts, our New Years’ resolutions might look a little different than most. We’re forecasting toward the future and excited to try new, innovative technologies. And when we set our...
With more than 18 years experience producing events, AVentPro ensures that each of our clients has what they need to achieve their ideal outcome.

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