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LOUD & CLEAR: In the Spotlight
-The Latest Trends and Ideas in the AV Industry-

An Exciting Time of the Year

A large event that took place at the Winnipeg Convention Centre

When some people think of their favourite times of the year, they may picture a warm, cozy fire, a christmas tree decorated with ornaments, and a mug of hot cocoa while snow falls right outside their window. For others, they picture a beach, with hot sand between their toes and the sound of ocean waves crashing just meters away.

But at AVentPro, we think of the four month stretch from March to June when our calendar is packed, our brains are buzzing with creativity, and our team is busier than ever. We picture large auditoriums as stages are built, and then later filled with applause. We think of the cases we’ll be loading into trucks, the clients we’ll meet with, and the team members we’ll high five. We see the glow from a projector displaying the visuals we’ve spent months picturing. And of course audiences…lots and lots of audiences being engaged.

It’s during these busy months that we get to see all of the work we’ve done – the processes we are constantly evolving and improving, the creative ideas we’ve concepted, the new gear we’ve acquired – come to life. 

Why We Love This Time of Year.

Simply put, our team loves this busy time of year because we are passionate about live events. Every day of the week, we get to create amazing experiences, interact with our clients, and work to bring the event vision we’ve spent weeks, or even months, concepting come to life.

We’re constantly building intricate set-ups, calling cues over our headsets, and making sure that everything looks and sounds exactly as we planned it – and it’s incredibly rewarding.

An AVentPro technician's monitors as they work on a large event

Keeping it personal.

Our team is always thinking of the ideal experience our clients want for their attendees and we work tirelessly to ensure that the unique, targeted visions we’ve created are executed flawlessly. In these busy times of the year when we have multiple events each week, we believe that personal touch is what sets us apart.

For one of the large events that kicked off this busy season, a client needed their high impact general session panel to include both in-person and remote panelists. We utilised an ultra-wide 9’ x 27’ projection screen where, in addition to event visuals, we were able to use a camera feed to highlight in-person panelists and show the virtual panelists who were not able to attend the event in-person.

Our team worked closely together to support the general session, as well as 20+ breakout rooms in need of production support, ensuring that consistent experience was delivered to attendees and that the client’s event goals were achieved.

Using technology to solve challenges.

Large scale events are often the perfect opportunity to introduce new technology that not only makes a big impact on attendees, but that helps to solve challenges clients have previously faced. For a recent annual conference, we were determined to do both.

Previous projector technology was simply not capable of producing the exact unique shades and hues needed to replicate the client’s logo on screen – but with our new M4K25 large format laser projector and the expanded colour palette it allows us to achieve, we were able to perfectly reproduce the logo, with every shade appearing as it would in any other medium.

The bright, flashy, and eye-catching graphics created a visual experience that was noticed (and commented upon!) by even the least tech-focused attendees.

It was the perfect reminder of why we love this time of year – seeing the creative solutions and ideas we’ve been working on have an incredible impact.

Taking our skills up a notch.

Perhaps our favourite part about the busy season is how it forces our entire team to hone their craft, helping us grow both creatively and technically. Our team members are inspired to take on more responsibilities, present creative ideas, research new gear and equipment that they believe will benefit clients, and complete training that improves and expands their skills.

We’re dedicated to upleveling our capabilities at every chance we get – and our busiest times of year not only remind us why that is so important, but gives us the perfect opportunity to grow as a team.

A soundboard and playback machines at a recent event in Winnipeg

At AVentPro, we know that the busier we are, the more opportunities we have to innovate, create, and wow our clients and our attendees – and that’s exactly why we love this time of year so much! Are you ready to learn how we can take your upcoming events to the next level? Email us at [email protected] or call us at (204) 226-5565.

With more than 18 years experience producing events, AVentPro ensures that each of our clients has what they need to achieve their ideal outcome.

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