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Hanover Ag Fair – A Weekend of Fun for Rural MB

How to Provide a Great Stage and Light Show for a Crowd-Favourite Outdoor Event?

The Hanover Ag Society is a non-profit organization, run by dedicated volunteers, that present the annual Hanover Ag Fair on the third week of August, as well as a Spring Rodeo in May. The Society consists of an elected board of directors, as well as many other volunteers who serve as organizers for specific events and activities.

The Hanover Ag Fair is a unique opportunity to bring together the rural community from all across Manitoba, for four days of outdoor fun! Activities include a bull riding competition, demolition derby, strongman competition, CWHA horse show, highland games and a parade. The evenings bring in live performances from some of Canada’s top country artists on the Mainstage. That’s where AVentPro comes in!

AVentPro Finds a Solution That Rocks!

AVentPro was able to provide their SL100 stage, LED Wall and speakers to facilitate the mainstage performances. Our Stageline set up provided great branding opportunities for sponsors, who were able to display their logos on large banners. The Stage Line is also durable for all sorts of weather conditions. Performers did not have to worry about weather conditions affecting their shows. The Ag Fair was also able to utilize our LED Wall for movie nights, hymn lyrics for their Sunday church service, and of course sponsorship branding. ​

Ag fair stage Ag fair led light wall and stage

“Our main stage setup just looks fantastic, it looks professional. That’s helped increase our visibility in our community, across the province and certainly within the industry when dealing with artists and management, they know that they’re going to be able to get a good show here!”

Curtis Dawydiuk, President – Hanover Ag Society

The Result: Everybody Wins and Has a Great Time

The Hanover Ag Society was able to facilitate 6,000-8,000 attendees at the 2019 Ag Fair. People from all over Manitoba came to the event and were able to participate in a number of fun activities that showcased rural life in the province. With AVentPro providing the SL100 stage, LED Wall, audio and concert lighting package, the Ag Society was able to generate more revenue through sponsorships, and ticket sales for big name concerts that took place on the main stage. Videos and images were able to be seen at any time of day with the LED Wall, and there was no worry that a performer would cancel their set, with the peace of mind they received from our solid stageline set up.

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