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Our Brand New State of the Art Warehouse

Ever wondered how an audio/video production company stores ALL that equipment? It takes a lot of moving parts to put on a first-class event, which means a lot of organization and planning needs to be put in place before a setup even happens!

Here at AVentPro, we organize our backroom through an intricate system of labels and a QR Scanner. Everything is recorded and entered into our computer database to make sure nothing is ever lost or forgotten!

​AVentPro has a 5000 square foot warehouse to store all of our gear, and everything has its place. Audio equipment, video equipment, trusses, computers, cameras and switchers all have a spot for convenient “grab n’ go”. Once your event is ready to be set up, all we need to do is pick up our equipment from the designated location and load it up! Then it’s off to create audio visual magic!

audio visual warehouse audio visual warehouse audio visual warehouse audio visual warehouse audio visual warehouse
With more than 15 years experience producing online events AVentPro can transition your in-person event to a virtual one.

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