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AVentPro September Newsletter: Collaborate. Innovate. Educate.

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Sharing our Creative Process for Designing an Event

We believe creating a truly unforgettable event experience is achieved by approaching the planning process creatively and collaboratively. Instead of working off of a checklist, we strive to fully understand what will make an event “wow” worthy for everyone involved. In our recent blog, we share the creative process of designing an event – and why it’s so important.

Celebrating 40 years of NAJA

In August, our team produced the National Native Media Conference in Winnipeg, celebrating the growth the Native American Journalists Association has seen since 1983. Forty years after being founded by a handful of members, the association is currently comprised of nearly 1,000 members.

A Night at the Opera

The AVentPro team used our new laser projectors to transform the beautiful St. Boniface Cathedral Ruins into a Greek scenescape for the Manitoba Underground Opera’s four-show run of Caster Et. Pollux. The show, which sold out every night, received rave reviews.

New Employee Welcome: Mike Liaschenko

Known for being the guy who always has a smile on his face, Mike Liaschenko joined the AVentPro team four months ago – and hasn’t shied away from a challenge since! As an experienced audio and visual technician and skilled bass player, Mike is constantly expanding his abilities and strives to learn more every day.

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