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A Conference Solution for Social Distancing

How To Keep an Annual Scientific Assembly Connected During COVID Times?

The Manitoba College of Family Physicians (MCFP) is a voice for family physicians in Manitoba. They provide education and learning to family physicians of all sorts throughout the province to advance the care provided to their patients. The MCFP is part of the College of Family Physicians of Canada.

Every year, the MCFP holds their Annual Scientific Assembly, where physicians from all across Manitoba gather to learn from medical specialists within their community. It’s an opportunity to continue their education and hear from colleagues about the advancing medical field.

With the spread of COVID-19 and the requirement to physically distance, presenting this assembly as usual did not align with public health recommendations. How do you present a required annual meeting to your members, while remaining socially distant? MCFP called AVentPro for a solution! ​

AVentPro Finds a Solution That That Keeps Everybody Safe

AVentPro was motivated to think outside the box and assist our front line health care providers, so they could continue the Annual Scientific Assembly. Through an elaborate live streaming webinar over Zoom, AVentPro was able to transform the MCFP board room into a broadcast studio with a branded, professional and consistent look, incorporating all of the technology required to successfully execute a professional event. The conference had over 30 presenters across 2 days, including remote presentations and AVentPro provided physical distancing for individual presenters, with all equipment being sanitized after each use. The presenters had a separate speaker ready room for physical distancing prior to their presentation, equipped with a digital display of the presentation to show when it was their turn to enter the boardroom and take the stage.

mcfb virtual meeting mcfb virtual meeting

“MCFP sends out a huge thank you to the team at AVentPro! We could not have gone virtual without you! We applaud you and all your hard work.”

@MBFAMDOCS Via Twitter

The Result: The Virtual Assembly Attracts More Than Double the Guests Expected

The Manitoba College of Family Physicians was expecting an attendance total of around 80 guests, however, with the ability to create a captivating and easy to use live stream webinar, the MCFP was able to reach an audience of over 200 “attendees”. With the ability for physicians from around the province to remote in via their online streaming platform, the Annual Scientific Assembly went smoothly and without complications. The production value provided by AVentPro presented a lifelike conference atmosphere, and the attention to detail in the execution of the event proved that social distancing work around’s are not only possible, but can help deliver the message to a wider audience than before! AVentPro was glad to be able to find solutions that worked, and to support Family Doctors across Manitoba because we are grateful for their sacrifice during COVID-19.

With more than 18 years experience producing events, AVentPro ensures that each of our clients has what they need to achieve their ideal outcome.

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