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Tradeshow Tip: Keep Your Booth Lit With an LED Wall

We’re leaping into the future of tradeshows with cutting-edge booth designs. Gone are the days of bulky signage, pipe and drape displays reminiscent of 1982, and enticing attendees over with a bowl of stale candy. Modernization is sweeping today’s top businesses, make your next tradeshow experience memorable by incorporating an LED wall display into your setup. 

Our team has the highlights on how to keep your booth lit and draw in traffic with LED wall displays.

Futuristic and Stylish

The visual economy is booming when it comes to designing tradeshow spaces. The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text and find visuals more appealing than simple text. In fact, recent studies suggest that visual engagement could be the deciding factor in whether or not attendees will engage with a tradeshow booth. Today’s businesses must stay ahead of the competition with space-age booth designs.

LED walls are the way of the future. Pipe and drape booths have been around for decades and are beginning to show their age. Swap outdated displays for attention-grabbing, highly customizable digital branding. Cutting-edge graphics can dynamically deliver snippets of important information, keywords, slogans, and more to make the most of your short get-their-attention window. These displays are visually stunning and capture your brand’s identity by creating a unique space that stands out on the convention room floor.

Great Use of Space

Say goodbye to bulky displays. LED walls are an efficient use of convention space. These displays are free-standing with a welcoming open floor design. A sleek, elegant design allows brands to deliver a consistent, quality aesthetic without using up valuable booth space.

Many booths have taken advantage of LED walls to transform their space into a full visual experience. Rather than walking up to a table, attendees can step into a 360° rotational view of several LED displays to absorb a brand’s unique footprint. A single LED wall is also a great tool for creating a classic, minimalist design that draws in attendees without looking too busy. Efficiency is the way of the future and LED displays are leading the way when it comes to tradeshow booth design.


LED walls get people to look up from their phones and take notice! Pipe and drape displays tend to blend into the background and are easily ignored. The dynamic visual design of LED technology captures engagement from miles away. Best of all, companies can effortlessly utilize customizable images to change their display and deliver unique content at a moment’s notice. Booths can ensure brand consistency with color matching, seasonal updates, keynote speaker highlights, new product features, and more.

Keep it fresh with a lively display that speaks to your brand’s identity as an industry leader.

Optimal Post-Event Photos

Marketing opportunities don’t end when the tradeshow lights go down. Press releases, social media posts, and blogs about the event keep the conversation going. Give your marketing team amazing photos to work with. LED  walls offer a great focal point for your display, provide enhanced digital lighting, and, simply put, make your booth look spectacular!

Make sure your next tradeshow is #lit by leveraging the best of today’s display technology for your booth space. LED walls are a great choice for making your brand stand out. 

Looking for more out-of-this-world visual event tips? Contact our team today for your next big event.

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