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Should You Still Plan Virtual Events in 2022? Experts Say Yes!

The last couple of years has seen a remarkable rise in virtual and hybrid events. The advent of reopening the world to live event gatherings has left many wondering if virtual events will be a relic of the past. 

Our Audio Visual experts say don’t disconnect just yet! Current trends and industry insights indicate that virtual events aren’t going anywhere fast. In fact, our teams anticipate virtual and hybrid events to be a pivotal part of gathering in 2022. Learn more about the ways virtual events are becoming a permanent fixture in our world in this post. And find out how you can benefit from the continued incorporation of technology.

The Best of Both Worlds

In the past, many of us thought of in-person gatherings and virtual events as mutually exclusive. Now, in 2022, we understand how these two fantastic mediums, as a hybrid, can continue to be a growing opportunity.

Imagine a company with an international sales team and a central HQ. How can managers bring our core team together? How do we unite varying locations around the globe and in the office? Hybrid events are the driving force behind bringing together regional, national and international teams. Today’s companies aren’t just saving money on flight and travel costs. They are approaching the logistics of team building through a more streamlined lens.

Live events are already launching in 2022 alongside tandem virtual event options for remote and international employees. Seamlessly integrated technology allows smaller satellite offices to attend, interact, and engage with the larger group. For example, here’s smart team building in action. Imagine a global broadcast from the leadership team, followed by virtual breakout rooms to disseminate information and focus on core projects. As a result, companies are empowered to meet more frequently and efficiently throughout the quarter.

Rally your team by leveraging the capabilities of remote meetings alongside the reopening of live gatherings.

Accessible Community Building

Virtual events benefit diversity, equity, and inclusion. Ultimately, they bring the world a little closer together. Consider the value of virtual events in the professional arena. Don’t limit attendees who may find travel prohibitive. Instead, welcome your team by letting them choose the option that works best for them, either virtual or in-person sessions. Virtual events are fully equipped with accessible media technology such as closed captions, chat features, and user-friendly technology. This relieves anxiety regarding accessible venues and allows companies to include their entire team.

However, the benefit of connectivity doesn’t end there. Milestones are made even more memorable with virtual event options that allow family and friends to join weddings, graduations, and reunions from anywhere in the world. There’s no need to buy a plane ticket when your virtual gathering is simply a click away.

Elevated Events Inspired by Technology

Virtual event technology is constantly improving. The last year alone saw major evolutions in simplicity and synchronization of event streaming. One platform can now be used to host both in-person and virtual gatherings to create a hybrid experience. For example, virtual events are finding new built-in ways to improve attendee engagement. Polls, breakout rooms, and virtual team building games are just a few ways hosts are accomplishing this. Vimeo reports that 61 percent use videos as an interactive element for engaging their online event audience. Of these engagement tools, Q&A’s were found to be the most popular. In addition, the majority of users reported that streaming time, user accessibility, and ease of integration have vastly improved engagement.

Attendees are not simply logging onto a call. They’re joining the conversation. 

Our Audio Visual pros are excited for the return of in-person gatherings. However, it’s not time to say goodbye to virtual events just yet. We’re betting on virtual and hybrid events to continue to evolve and expand in 2022 and beyond. Discover how The Leap to Virtual Events can continue to drive attendance for your community. Get ready to plan your next memorable moment with AVentPro.

With more than 18 years experience producing events, AVentPro ensures that each of our clients has what they need to achieve their ideal outcome.

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