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Should you explore Simultaneous Interpretation for your next event?

There are many factors to consider when planning an event, including the use of Simultaneous Interpretation (SI). SI is a complex process that requires specially trained personnel and equipment, but it can be extremely beneficial for events with multilingual audiences. This blog post will explore the advantages of SI and whether or not it may be right for your next event.

What is Simultaneous Interpretation (SI)?

Simultaneous Interpretation (SI) is a highly skilled profession in which interpreters are required to listen and speak in two different languages at the same time. It does not always involve direct translations of words, as many languages differ greatly in structure, meaning, and application to modern culture. 

With Canada being an officially bilingual country, most federal government meetings are mandated to provide SI services in both official languages (English and French). However, SI should be used whenever language is a barrier for people to communicate.

In addition to the interpreters, special equipment will need to be set up that allows the simultaneous interpretation to be transmitted allowing participants to listen to the proceedings in their preferred language.

The advantages of Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation (SI) provides the opportunity for inclusivity at any given event. In comparison to consecutive interpretation which requires pauses in discussion to allow for interpretation, SI allows for immediate interpretation; eliminating delays and frustrations encountered with language barriers. SI allows for real-time interpretation of the speaker’s words in other languages. Participants can choose their preferred language by tuning their headsets to the appropriate channel. In turn, this increases the flow of communication and saves time. In fact, SI has become so popular it is now commonplace at events of all sizes and formats. An additional benefit is that this system can also assist people with hearing impairments allowing for an enhanced audio experience and full participation.

When is SI appropriate?

Simultaneous interpretation is an effective solution for a variety of settings, helping bridge language barriers and effectively facilitating efficient communication. For example, The Translation Bureau of Public Services and Procurement Canada was integral in ensuring the success of Pope Francis’ trip to Canada in 2022. Its expert network allowed for simultaneous interpretation services to be provided in 12 Indigenous languages as well as Spanish, English, and French. SI was crucial for facilitating mass gatherings, prayers, and speeches that worked towards addressing the nation’s Indigenous Peoples. Simultaneous interpretation makes multilingual events efficient and accessible, ensuring all event participants can understand the speaker’s message. This immersive technique keeps audiences focused and attentive, allowing delegates to engage with the shared knowledge or ideas fully – in their mother tongue!  

Simultaneous interpretation is a highly technical feat that has vast applications in assisting people from across the globe to communicate effectively with one another. It is an inclusive solution that facilitates accurate communication without distractions. 

Do you work in an environment where simultaneous interpretation would be beneficial? If so, ensure you and your guests are heard clearly with AVentPro‘s wide selection of top-of-the-line simultaneous interpretation tools. Our locally based inventory offers convenience, so don’t hesitate to give us a call at 204-226-5565 for an effortless way to equip your next event!

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