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How Can Projection Mapping Elevate Your Event?

The first public display of projection mapping was in 1969 at Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion ride. In the 1990’s it exploded as an art form not only for artists but advertisers alike. Continuing to today, this independent art form transforms any space into an awe-inspiring, reality-smashing spectacle on virtually any surface.

Leverage cutting-edge technology to elevate your visuals and make an impact on audiences. Why is this important? Hosting a signature event is all about the unique distinction. A balloon arch might be nice for a birthday party, but a memorable occasion deserves an aesthetic that’s equally engaging. In fact, aesthetics may be the most valuable aspect of an event.

Studies demonstrate that visuals are how we connect with information and engage with those around us. For example, a signature colour can boost brand recognition by 80 percent. Additionally, investment in the style and look of an event is positively attributed to a high turnout. The bottom line is, guests are more likely to remember big, bright, and beautiful visuals. When people see pictures of the beauty you have created it will entice them to come to your event next year.

Projection mapping creates an immersive environment that goes beyond the balloons to captivate the crowd. It can turn your event into a memorable moment for all involved.

Learn more about what projection mapping is and how you can incorporate this technology into your next big gathering.

Paint With a 3D Canvas

Projection mapping is a larger-than-life approach to creating stunning visuals at live gatherings. The basic idea is casting 2D images onto 3D objects. However, a skilled artist can transform this concept into so much more than a mere projection. For example, Montreal’s Quartier des Spectacles has transformed the city’s premier performance hall district into a stunning art exhibition, using grain silos and historic buildings along the way to create the Luminous Pathway.

Mikaël Charpin, deputy director of the not-for-profit Luminous Pathway partnership describes the artistic journey. “The Luminous Pathway began with simple red dots shone onto sidewalks and has since grown to incorporate fully projection-mapped buildings, custom-illuminated intersections, and ambient architectural lighting.”

These “canvases” are open to artists in the community and rotate throughout the year to create a dynamic exhibit. Projection mapping can be used across various events and mediums to enhance the experience, add artistic distinction, and boost interactivity with the audience.

Be a Part of the Experience

Immersive experiences are quickly replacing passive events. The use of VR technology has skyrocketed over the last decade. Marketing experts have seen IMAX-inspired experiences moving beyond the media industry and into the world of large-scale events. In fact, 64 percent anticipate a rise in immersive technologies in the corporate and nonprofit spheres.

Projection mapping brings the dynamic innovation of an AR-esque experience to your gathering without any additional tech. Beyond simple artistic appeal, projection mapping creates a sense of inclusion and generates long-term content value with large amounts of visitor views. The elements of projection mapping go far beyond a passive presentation. Creators are using the environment around them to project images that appear as if they are incorporated into the space itself.

Take Spain’s iconic Casa Battlo. The famous Gaudi installation recently added The Cube — a full 365-degree projection in which guests are treated to an immersive art show. The impact of working with technology rather than solid art pieces allows for more versatility as images can be easily changed and modified at a moment’s notice. The low input and high engagement value of utilizing projection mapping in your next event is one of the best reasons to utilize this medium. These dazzling displays are a great PR opportunity as they draw in audiences who may not otherwise have engaged.

Bring the magic of dynamic visual arts to your next event using projection mapping for a one-of-a-kind experience.

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