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LOUD & CLEAR: In the Spotlight
-The Latest Trends and Ideas in the AV Industry-

New Tech Spotlight

An AVentPro technician at a recent Gala event

There’s no question that live events look completely different than they did twenty or even ten years ago. There are many reasons for this: short-lived event trends, adapting to global events or circumstances, changing the way we approach events, and the creative design process. Of course, it would be impossible to talk about all the ways events have changed without acknowledging one of the largest drivers behind event evolution: consistent technological advancements.

Some of these advances directly impact the audience experience, upgrading the way they interact with the event, while others have measurable benefits behind the scenes, allowing us, as event technicians, to create a more consistent, reliable, and often cost effective experience.

At AVentPro, we’re constantly investing in new, proven technological solutions. Whether it’s something exciting and flashy, or subdued and behind the scenes, here are some newer additions to our inventory that allow us to continue executing next level events. Keep reading to learn more!

Avantis Console.

The Avantis console the AVentPro team recently acquired

Our team recently acquired the Allen & Heath Avantis Digital Audio Mixing Console to provide higher quality sound to audiences while better positioning ourselves to meet the sound requirements of bigger musical acts performing at our clients’ events.

Pairing this console with an Allen & Heath SQ6 brings benefits to both the event technicians and performers. The two consoles are able to interface with each other to simultaneously produce different audio mixes. This allows members of the band to hear their own mix on stage, prioritizing what they need to hear to perform their best, such as isolating certain instruments, while the audience members are able to hear the audio mixed the way it is intended to be heard.

From an audience perspective, these consoles provide higher quality sound in a wider range of frequencies. While audiences are experiencing a live performance, the sound quality is closer to that of a studio recording. The audio quality produced by the console is more than twice that produced by streaming platforms. While the difference in quality may not be clear when listening to music on earbuds, it is noticeably different in a live event when the sound is filling a large room full of attendees. Just like an image with 720p resolution may look fine on your computer, the lower image quality will become immediately clear when put on a large projection screen. Similarly, the quality of audio is more noticeable at a larger-scale event.

Interpretation Booths and Equipment.

Interpretation booths being used at a recent event, ensuring attendees of all nationalities can easily listen to presentations

In an officially bilingual country, many organizations choose, or are required, to provide the option to listen to an event in both English and French. Additionally, events that have attendees speaking a variety of languages may need to have interpreters present to ensure inclusion and accessibility for audience members.

Whether you decide to have interpreters on-site or rely on web-based options, we have the right equipment to help your audience hear and be understood.

Due to the large need for interpretation in Canada, it can be challenging to find the necessary equipment during busy event times. As a company that always wants to be prepared to serve our clients, we have continued to invest in interpretation systems ensuring we have all necessary equipment in-house.

This includes digital congress microphones, headsets, and interpreter desks, as well as high-quality interpreter booths. Having these sound proof booths allows interpreters to do their jobs more easily and accurately. It’s incredibly difficult to listen, interpret, and talk at the same time. Having a quiet, controlled, comfortable working environment is essential to accurately interpret speeches and presentations. 

With continued investment in this equipment, our team is prepared to provide interpretation services to our clients, regardless of the time of year or increased interpretation demand.

Streamlined Fiber Optical System.

This cutting-edge technology allows for more efficient event set ups and tear downs, helps us to be more flexible and adaptable onsite, makes troubleshooting and problem solving easier if challenges arise, creates a tidier work environment, and can save our clients money. It’s no wonder it’s part of our spotlight!

Almost all large events require the running of many cables – whether across, around, or above the event space. These cables transmit audio, lighting control, ethernet, camera lines, control, and visual information. However, the new Fiber Optical System allows us to reduce the large number of cables to a single cable for the entire event.

The system utilizes a 12-core fiber optical cable and interchangeable modules inside of a rack easily accessible to crew members at either side of the event space. What was once transmitted through a cable is instead plugged into one of the modules on the rack, and the fiber optical cable transmits and receives all of the information.

One of the largest advantages of this system is its efficiency. Running a single cable saves time on both the install and the teardown.

Troubleshooting, should any event challenges occur, is also a much more streamlined process. Because the system is on the ground, our team is able to assess and solve any issues that may occur much more readily. 

We’re also able to be more flexible in regards to last minute requests from our clients. For example, it’s not uncommon for a presenter to request a confidence monitor after they’ve rehearsed. Now instead of having to string another cable, we’re able to simply plug the confidence monitor into one of the modules on the rack. This is a great example of how technology improves performance and leverages up our team.

The streamlined fiber optical system, now being used on AVentPro events

Our team is passionate about acquiring gear that enhances the audience experience and the entire event production process for our clients and technicians! Learn more about how our favourite tech solutions can take your event to the next level by emailing us at [email protected] or calling us at (204) 226-5565.

With more than 18 years experience producing events, AVentPro ensures that each of our clients has what they need to achieve their ideal outcome.

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