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How Agile Event Planning Gives Organizers Confidence to Push Forward

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In the past year and a half, many major events have been cancelled. More organizations than ever have faced the challenges of shutting down an event. Does this uncertainty make you reluctant to plan an event in the future? There is a way to mitigate risk and manage these challenges: agile event planning.

What Does Agile Event Planning Mean?

Agile event planning means adaptability in the face of obstacles and changes. Many variables can come up that will impact your ability to host your event as you intended. With agile event planning, however, you can make a quick shift.

Did you decide to hold a hybrid or in-person event, only to realize that it needs to shift to a completely online platform? Being agile means you can easily pivot the event to a virtual setting.

Here’s an example of this strategy in action. The Manitoba College of Family Physicians teamed up with AVentPro to transition their in-person Annual Scientific Assembly to a fully virtual event last year. Not only were they able to continue on with the event, but their attendance more than doubled. You can read about their experience here .

The reverse can also be true. Have COVID-19 restrictions unexpectedly eased? What if you planned for a completely virtual event, but now realize there’s more interest in an in-person gathering? Being agile means that shift is simple too. 

What Does an Agile Strategy Offer?

Agile event planning will change the way you think about your event. You’ll gain confidence in your planning strategy. With a partner who is agile, adaptive, and forward-looking, you can position yourself to handle whatever challenges your event throws your way. Agile event planning will change the way you approach an event strategy. Here’s how.

You’ll feel a high degree of reassurance about your event.

That reassurance will guarantee you will be able to retain the benefits of your event, even if it doesn’t go forward according to your initial plans. 

You’ll feel confident in your marketing and connections.

A cancelled event can leave your audience feeling disappointed. You may worry that it will change the way they think about your business or your events in the future. With agile solutions, however, you’ll feel confident that your event will take place—even if it isn’t exactly as initially intended. 

You’ll feel more excitement about your event.

You’ll have a great “can do” or “can make it happen” attitude. This mindset will increase overall excitement, both yours and your attendees. At the same time, you’ll remain in a flexible, adaptive position, confident that you can transform your event no matter what challenges might come your way. Your event is a big deal. Many people are concerned with the potential risks associated with large events moving forward in the future. With agile event planning, however, you can increase excitement in a safer way.

Changing the Future of Events with Agile Planning

In addition to changing current, pandemic-minded opportunities, agile event planning will benefit the way you see events in the future. Going forward, events are more likely to have some type of virtual component. Many event organizers have found that virtual components are more inclusive for their entire audience. Virtual options put you in a better position to expand your reach. In addition, you are likely to attract attendees who might not otherwise have been able to attend. 

The pandemic has changed a lot of things–and the future of in-person events is at the top of the list, even as they seem set to come back in 2022 and beyond. With agile event planning services, you can position yourself to be ready to pivot to whatever format this dynamic environment demands.

Agile event planning is also a great way to bring your team and stakeholders a greater degree of confidence as you bring them into the conversation. It lets them know that you’re being proactive and sets clear expectations for what your organization can accomplish as you move forward with a wide range of events—no matter what challenges might stand in your way.

Event planning has changed—but that doesn’t mean that you have to put off or plan to cancel your event, even with an uncertain future still in front of you. Contact AVentPro today to learn more about our agile event planning services and how they can help you move forward with your event in spite of potential obstacles.

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