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Using the First Part of the Year to Our Advantage

A camera operator's view during a celebratory event

At AVentPro, we’re in the business of saying yes. Yes to utilizing technology in new or unexpected ways, yes to supporting all aspects of large, complex events, yes to up-leveling our capabilities, and yes to wow-ing attendees with unexpected and satisfying event experiences.

We are committed to creating amazing experiences for our clients. As our team continues to grow, we are dedicated to maintaining our personal touch. It allows us to get at the heart of what our clients want to achieve with their events and come up with unique and memorable ways to do just that. In order to keep delivering on our event promises, our team is constantly evolving what we do behind the scenes.

Throughout the year…but especially at the start of every new year, we think about our long-term goals and what we want to achieve as a team to make sure that we’re keeping up with a changing industry, the needs of our clients, and the skills and talents of our team.

Our Yearly Ritual.

We begin each year by coming together to discuss not only our team, but the event industry and where we see it going. We assess what our current capabilities are, how we see them adapting and evolving to meet the needs of our clients, and how we can improve existing systems and processes to enable us to grow without putting strain on our team or the quality of our work.

We determine what our high-level goals are and the best way to achieve them throughout the year. We break down each goal and determine milestones that will help us achieve them. These milestones are used to create a roadmap, with steps we’d like to achieve each quarter.

First Quarter Goals.

Over the past several years, our team has seen exponential growth. From new clients with new events to a growing team with an ever-growing inventory of gear, evolving and optimising our process is always on our minds. During the first quarter of 2024, we refined and formalised our current process and system to make sure they fit our current needs and ensure we are well positioned to deliver incredible event experiences.

Inventory streamlining and process control.

The AVentPro warehouse after the reorganization.

Our team began our big annual inventory check by physically examining every piece of gear, ensuring that every component was functioning exactly as it should. Everything is checked, double-checked, and  catalogued, guaranteeing that our records are up-to-date and accurate.

After all this quality control and cataloguing, we revamped our organizational system, making sure that all new gear and equipment was integrated. All team members were made aware of and trained on any update to our inventory and new organisational layout, giving everybody complete visibility into what gear was available and where it was located.


If there are two things that can be said about every member of the AVentPro team, it’s that they are passionate about live events and they love to learn. Our team members take pride in pushing creative boundaries and learning how to use new equipment that takes events to the next level.

In addition to enjoying it, ongoing training allows us to be better partners to our clients by making us a more effective and flexible organization. The more technicians who are trained in specialized areas or certified to work with different gear, the more flexible we’re able to be. We get to make strategic staffing decisions, based not only on who is able to do the role, but who the best choice is for each specific program.

One example of this is our Stageline SL100 mobile stage – a staple at outdoor events. We recently had four team members undergo Stageline certification, creating a total of nine Stageline certified technicians on our team. This expands our capacity for live events while ensuring the same quality of services for our clients.

As our calendar keeps filling up and our reach expands beyond Winnipeg, we’ll continue to invest in the equipment and training we need to give our clients the experiences they deserve.

AVentPro's four newly Stageline certified technicians with their certificates

Process and systems.

This January, our team revisited our process and system for events, making sure the process is easy to understand, promotes event best practices, and effectively moves the life cycle of the event forward.

Our process organises the lifecycle of an event into three buckets: pre-production, where we complete event discovery and discuss the scope and design of the event; the production process, where we start implementing everything that was planned during the pre-production phase; and post-production.

By compartmentalising event phases into these buckets, we’re able to clearly define the different stages of planning for, and executing an event. Our team easily stays aligned and we’re able to guide our clients through the production process, leading to a great outcome that meets, or exceeds, the clients’ expectations for their live event experience.

Planning the rest of the year.

Ongoing improvement is something we work towards throughout the year. We set ourselves, and our clients, up to win by making sure we are setting and reassessing our goals regularly and consistently. While we set these goals and milestones in January, our team will come together each quarter to discuss our progress so far and adjust, as needed.

An AVentPro technician working during a large scale event

When it comes to our clients and their events, combining creativity and process is something we’ll always continue to do! Learn about the creative and technological solutions we can employ for your next event by emailing us at [email protected] or calling us at (204) 226-5565.

With more than 18 years experience producing events, AVentPro ensures that each of our clients has what they need to achieve their ideal outcome.

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