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Event Planning? 6 Things You Should Know About AV Technology

AV is the foundation of every successful event planning. At AVentPro, we take our name seriously. We aren’t just pros at facilitating impactful events. We’re passionate about the audio visual mastery that makes a good event great. So what exactly is the magic behind the tech, and what should meeting planners know about AV technology?

Take a peek behind the curtain with us and get to know the world of audio visual technology.

1.) How AV Tech Tells Your Story  

Audio visual technology brings a touch of magic to everyday meetings. Picture this; your grandpa is telling you a story. There’s great information in the story; the details are valuable and might even share some perspective, but the delivery is long-winded, dry, and meandering. You might love the speaker, but it sure is getting difficult to focus after the third or fourth repetition. You may even be struggling to hear him, which makes all the words blur together. 

How can we help bring Grandpa’s story to life? And, more importantly, are your meetings giving your attendees grandpa storytime vibes? 

It’s time to flip the script and bring the audience into your story. 

AV production companies create an experience, not a lecture. Studies indicate that images are processed in a more immersive manner than a simple slide deck. UC San Diego found that humans share an intrinsic emotional connection with images due to how our brains process pictures. In addition, tone, inflection, and lighting all contribute to how we receive information.

AV technology provides content curation alongside animation, both to increase engagement and provide memory queues and checkpoints throughout a presentation. Imagine Grandpa’s storytime, backlit by an LED wall, complete with stunning visuals, and audio that carries to every corner of the room in crisp clarity.

This is what AV is all about. We’re creating multi-sensory experiences that engage the audience in a way that sticks with them. This in turn makes your attendees retain the overall message and content presented.

2.) So an AV Company Does More Than Just Provide Gear?

That’s right! An AV company is an essential part of any successful event. AV professionals curate the experience, going above and beyond to facilitate an amazing event. Every meeting planner who works with an AV team receives an event tailored to their target audience and gets their message across — with the gear to back it up, of course.

3.) Are AV Techs All They’re Cracked Up to Be?

Are AV techs just gear heads in disguise? We’re pleased to report that our expertise is tried and verified by a stellar reputation and a myriad of happy clients. AV professionals are more than your average geek squad. We’re a targeted event facilitation team that boasts dual expertise in technology alongside engagement and client delivery. Simply put; we’re here to elevate your event.

Our team does much more than plug in a few cords and ensure the speakers are working. We take the time to get to know our clients so we can target their unique event needs. What message are you wanting to convey and what does a successful event look like to your team? As a meeting planner, how are you measuring ROI? Total attendance? Follow-up from attendees for one-on-ones or call-to-action responses? How are your colleagues feeling after a great day of internal team building? Every event has its own metrics of success. AV tech supports those goals by fitting the technology to your specific needs.

Every meeting planner needs to know they have support. We believe in building long-term partnerships, not one-off tech support contracts. AV professionals will sit down and plan your event alongside you, delivering the magic to bring your vision to life.

4.) What’s the Difference Between AV Professionals and an AV Rental Company?

An AV rental is just that; a rental. You’ll receive the gear requested, however, you won’t have the benefit of professional expertise to guide the process. This presents a particular problem if you aren’t sure exactly what tech you’ll need for your event, conference, or meeting. Hybrid events, for example, are growing in popularity and require specific AV needs to give the audience the feeling of being engaged both virtually and in person. Having a team on your side can help identify exactly what your event requires and deliver on that specification.

Flexibility is ever important when planning an event. AV teams are experts at adjusting to changing environments. Last minute venue change? A switch from in-person to virtual? A sudden increase in attendees or a change of keynote speakers? Your audio visual technology will always be ready to handle anything, even the most unexpected curve balls thrown at us.

AV professionals are so much more than a gear rental company. We take a refined approach to event planning and view our relationship with our clients as a partnership. AV live event companies work with a variety of different organizations from the corporate sphere to the nonprofit arena to private event hosting. This lends a significant advantage as we flex to different styles. Our history of excellence allows us to assess what works best for our clients and bring that experience to the table for every project we tackle. 

Most of all, AV professionals are story facilitators. We go beyond operating equipment and are invested in creating a dynamic experience for your audience.

5.) Why do AV Techs Wear Black All the Time?

Is it the mystery, the intrigue, the aura of wizardly prowess? The answer is a bit more mundane. Much like the stage crew in a play, we’re here to make others shine. As story facilitators, we make sure to keep the background processes discrete so as not to detract from the main event. A true magician never reveals their tricks. We prefer to go unseen as your event takes center stage.

6.) What Should I Expect From an AV company Before, During and After My Event?

Let’s break down the audio visual process from start to finish! Before each event, our team will sit down for a consultation and guide you through the planning process. We’ll listen to your ideas, make sure the tech you’re anticipating is the best fit, and help focus your energy on the core of your presentation while we take the busy work off your plate. We’ll get your technology setup with seamless integration so you don’t need to worry about the audio visual equipment the day of your event. We love seeing our clients lead stress-free meetings and focus solely on their content and presentation.

The day of is often the most anxiety-inducing part of any event. Your AV partner is the calm in the storm, this is what we do! We remain level-headed and prepared to tackle any last-minute changes, offer additional support, or simply cheer you on as your event goes off without a hitch. Our team will troubleshoot any technical difficulties in real-time, from unprecedented weather knocking out your internet service to additional microphones. We’re your “make it happen” team and we’ve got your back from start to finish.

After the event has concluded, we’re here to celebrate your wins and debrief on anything that can be improved for next time. Experience is the crux of event planning. Once one successful event has concluded, we’re on the hunt for new ideas and ways our story can grow. We draw from our wealth of experience in the industry to continually boost engagement. You have a story, let’s tell it together.

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